Flower Tap Snack Box

Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box
Flowertap Bloom Snack Box

Flowertap™ Bloom Snack Box

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The joy of sharing snacks 🌸

We all love the simple joy of sharing snacks with our friends and families, that brings us together. No matter, if it is after dinner, at a birthday party or on a movie marathon night! But it always looks cluttered to have several different containers, dishes or bags for each and every snack.

This is a thing of the past! With our Flower Bloom Snack Box you can serve all your favorite goodies in a single box, that holds each snack separately from each other without any mess. Besides, you can easily impress your guests, by rotating the bloom and reveal all their favorite snacks to munch on!

💥The KEY Features💥

  • No More Mess
  • Guests Love It
  • Great Gift
  • Usable For Every Occasion
  • Twist and Fill

How this features work?

No More Mess - You don't have to serve all your snacks in several dishes, bags or containers, that are spread all over the table. The Flower Bloom Snack Box is your all-in-one solution, that holds all your goodies separately from each other in one place!

Guests Love It - Your friends and family will be impressed and entertained, when you place the Flower Bloom Snack Box on the table and reveal all their favorite snacks by rotating the bloom!

Home Decor - Not only is the Flower Bloom Snack Box a practical way to store all your snacks, but also is it a stylish eye-catching center piece for your table and your home in general!

Great Gift - The feedback we receive from people who bought the Flower Bloom Snack Box as a gift is amazing! All presentees love this unique gift!

Usable For Every Occasion
- Use the Flower Bloom Snack Box for a movie marathon night, a birthday party or take it with you for a picnic in the park!

The bloom snack box is the perfect snack-box for Friday night movie marathons with friends and family. Impress them by rotating the bloom snack box revealing all their favorite snacks to munch on.

Simply spin the top layer counter-clockwise to open up the flower petal storage containers! After you've grabbed your snacks, spin the top layer clockwise to close it back up.

Keep every memory safe and store every milestone with Flowertap™ bloom snack box! Staying in touch with every unforgettable occasion and memory of the past has never been this easy. Experience crafting with the most beautiful and quality products that are specially made to support all who wish to preserve memories.

STYLISH STORAGE: Storage containers don’t have to be boring. The Bloom is both functional and beautiful and will add a stunning décor piece to any craft room.

ROOM FOR EVERYTHING: This expandable embellishment storage container has spacious compartments for all of your crafting and scrapbooking supplies.

EASY POP-UP LID CONTROL: Experience an elegant product that features an easy open lid with just a simple twist of the top layer. All compartments will bloom open at the same time.


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